Message from Sonya Weaver-Johnson, Founder:

It’s hard to believe 20 years have gone by since I mailed the now infamous letter to 20 of my closest friends. In this letter, I shared my wild idea of starting an all-female, investment club and I invited everyone to join me. About 2 weeks later, and to my surprise, 14 friends arrived at my home ready to hear me out.

When I think about this 20-year journey, I can’t help but recognize what 20/20 Investment Club has afforded me – something much grander than I could ever have imagined. It has provided me a bevy of professional skills, a unique perspective on running a business, a greater appreciation for the role American companies play in the global economy and, best of all, a bouquet of invaluable friendships.

I am eternally grateful to all who have been part of the 20/20 Investment Club family over the years. Thank you for helping to develop an unlikely idea into such a rich and fulfilling reality. Happy 20th Anniversary!


20/20 Investment Club Summary

20/20 Investment Club, founded in 1997, is organized as a California general partnership. The club has an all-female membership and uses pooled resources to invest in the United States stock market. While the club’s primary objective is to maximize profits, the group also strives to provide each member with a strong foundation in the principles of investing. 20/20 Investment Club has a proven investment strategy and consistently operates as one of the best performing investment clubs in the United States. The club’s motto is “Learning and Earning Together”.